Hire of venues

Hire of venues

The J. Trepat factory complex is made up of a series of sheds, with its own personality, a genuine atmosphere that conserves the working environment from the mid 20th century. After the rehabilitation of the first five sheds and the spares section of the sales department, these venues are available for hire to private initiatives for uses compatible with the conservation of the factory’s industrial heritage as long as these initiatives do not affect the agenda of the J. Trepat Museum.

These peculiars venues are ideal for photographic sessions or as a set for filming.

Permission to hire these venues for private initiatives must be requested in writing from the J. Trepat Museum of agricultural mechanisation.

For more information about hiring venues and their conditions, contact

Per a més informació sobre el lloguer i les condicions d'espais contacteu a

or telephone 686296147.
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