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Given the objective of opening the Museum of agricultural mechanization must be boring for students and teachers to serve this piece of industrial heritage have designed a teaching tool that we provide the following workshops.

01 — Stamping Workshop

The creative opportunity to manipulate and work with the stamping tampons with the drawings of the pieces of the Trepat machines. This material was original of the edition catalogs of Trepat machines pieces. It is a creative and fun opportunity to experiment and see the pieces of the machines in a very different artistic way. Later, it goes to the factory to take a guided tour.

Workshop duration 1h 30 min with visit included in the Museum price for student € 3

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Age: A partir de 6-7 años..
Duration and price: 1h 30m / 3€ per person.
Subject: - - -

By means of a simple game that we will assemble together we will be able to learn the dynamics of pulleys and straps and their combinations in a very fun and practical way. Then we will visit the Trepat factory and finish with the exhibition of the operation of the old jetty where we will find back the dynamics of pulleys applied to the old machinery..

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Age: 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade of Primary.
Duration and price: 1 h 30 min / € 3 per student.
Subject: plastic.

It poses a workshop contact with various tools present inside the factory J. Trepat. Through a dynamic group promotes knowledge of each of these tools and their use for further discovered during the tour of the factory museum boring..

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04 — Taller de Frottagge

El frottage (del francès "frotter", que significa fregar) és una tècnica artística que utilitza una superfície amb certa rugositat per a reproduir el relleu amb un paper a sobre.

En aquest taller descobrirem les peces deles màquines Trepat amb Frotagge i després farem una visita guiada a l’antiga fàbrica

Durada taller 1h 30 min amb visita inclosa al Museu preu per alumne 3€

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Age: High School.
Duration and price: 2 h / 3 € per alumne.
Subject: history.

Knowing the social aspects of factory work through direct contact with various types of documentary historical sources and oral. Learn to identify and classify different types of sources in the past and draw conclusions once they have been analyzed..

Downloads attached:
Worker's memory

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Age: high school.
Duration and price: 2 h / 3 € per student.
Subject: technology.

Learn the basics of mechanical gear adapted to transmit energy. Observing several solutions in transmission, boosting or reduction of the driving force. Understanding how historically been addressed technical solutions around energy efficiency and mechanics. Get testimonials from our past technological solutions and technical adaptations to a reality where the dependence of electric power was more precarious..

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Age: secondary.
Duration and price: 1h 30m / 3€ per person.
Subject: - - -.

Workshop where in groups we will mount a machine with internal gears and we will visualize the different operations and speeds in combinations of different gears. Later we will visit the old Cal Trepat factory..

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Escape Factory with the family.

Together we will discover an industrial space where we join our abilities of deduction and observation. We will get to leave the factory. It is a different Escape Factory, for groups with members of all ages. Check prices and ask for your Escape Factory at


The case of agricultural machinery factory converted targarina museum is unique in Europe, and this is a great attraction both to raise any kind of research both history and technology, and other aspects that can offer both teachers and students. Also from the technical services of the museum we suggest you advise on research having the following documentary sources that we put at your disposal:

On one hand the Regional Archive of Urgell are preserved all the documents of the company J. boring. This thick documents are the main source documents of the company, and is an indispensable source also consider any approach to the research of the old factory.

Own factory with machinery, tools and other technological tools attest processes needed in the manufacturing process J. boring machines, protagonists of the first mechanization of the Catalan countryside. This material is documented in the inventory of the collection from the museum and the museum offer technical services for scholars interested in this documentation.

Since 2006 there have been interviews with former employees of the factory is to have recorded media. This research has resulted in an archive of oral sources consisting of sixty five respondents who have left an important legacy of his personal account. This audiovisual archive would also be made available to those interested in research on the industry targarina.

We reach scholars consult bibliography factory with annual research and publications of interest.

It is for this reason that from the Museum's educational services open the possibility of free advice, both students and teachers who request it.

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